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Katrina Lippolis

I've been interested in writing ever since I was a little girl. It gradually became my passion the older I got. When I was 9 years old I recall writing a story about a wilting flower who bore a baby flower in the spring. It was a very melancholy story but it gained a lot of praise from my reading teacher. I'd also written a story at the time about a Halloween party to which I used some of my classmates names. Due to the nature of the story (a love story) some of my classmates weren't happy about their name being used but eventually they calmed down and it because not such a big deal.

I don't recall writing much as a preteen or teenager (age 12 to 14) but when I was 15 I wrote a poem that called 'The Tornado' that was also written in the shape of a tornado (that was the assignment). My English teacher loved it. (Really that was the first thing she ever loved of mine but that's a whole other story). That sort of gave me the boost of confidence to begin writing again at that time but I never had.

Once I hit my late teens/early 20's, I began writing poetry. I bought a small journal where I wrote down all my personal thoughts and feelings. I find as of late that that is the only way that I can share how I'm feeling. I'm not a verbal communicator at all. I get more out in writing.

By the age of 24, I'd probably written about 40 poems within a 5 year period. I still have them stashed away somewhere. I submitted some of them to where they were published on their site and I was nominated for awards provided by the site a few times as well. But they were awards that required you pay for them yourself as opposed to them just presenting it to you. So I lost interest. I feel the way to receive an award is not to pay for it yourself but to genuinely earn it.

Fast forward 10 years (now at age 34), I have recently gotten back into writing full force. I enjoy producing BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan/Bangtan Boys/Bulletproof Boyscouts) fanfiction. I've written four stories thus far that I share on the BTS Amino app.

The first story called, 'Trip of a Lifetime' involves you the reader (narrator) as the main character. You're taking your first trip to Seoul, South Korea because it's always been a dream of yours. Once you've arrived, the airport is swamped by crazed fans. Fans of whom? You don't find out until later. Along the way you run into individual members of BTS eventually falling for two of them in particular (Taehyung aka "V" and Yoongi aka "Suga"). You're left at a crossroads of trying to decide who you really want to be with. In the end, you make your decision but is it the right one?

The second story called, 'Save Me' is about BTS member Jimin, who's had a life full of more downs than ups. He's a heroin addict who enjoys as side of alcohol from time to time. He's lost his wife and children and he has a brother who encouraged his addictions. Jimin, now living in an apartment that he's about to be evicted from, falls for his neighbor who is you, once again the "narrator". Things start looking up for him but tragedy strikes in the end. *I believe this story has the best ending thus far due to the twist.*

The third story called, 'Jealous Boyfriend' (which is still in progress but nearly done), is revolved around the reader (narrator) and her screwed up family life. She's a senior in high school whom has just been accepted into her dream university. She's set to leave in the fall but before she escapes her dreary hometown full of crackheads and prostitues, she finds love in the strangest way. The romance becomes a whirlwind of turbulant behavior and jealousy shows its ugly face from the very start. *As I've said in the beginning, this story isn't completed so the ending is yet to be determined.*

The fourth story is is unnamed at the moment, is about a married 34 year old English teacher named Korin from Florida who finally gets the opportunity to take a 45 day excursion on a train across the United States. While on her long vacation, she meets a young man (BTS member, Jungkook) 13 years her junior whom befriends her and gradually falls in love. He finds out that she's married but can't help his urge to be with her. He senses her vunerability and her sadness. She gains feelings for Jungkook as well and although her marriage is torn but she doesn't want to hurt her husband. Only time will tell what happens between she and the young man. *This story also is not completed but I am working on this one and 'Jealous Boyfriend' at the same time.*

I plan on writing more fanfiction because I absolutely love and enjoy it.

Hopefully, this bio of mine wasn't too much of a bother to read. I hope to post my fanfiction here very soon and perhaps some of you will like it. If not, that's totally okay. :-)