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Briannah Rose

My name is Briannah Rose, and I believe that I am the creative writer that you all need. It is my passion to create work that influences a reader to either dive into one's imagination, grow more curious, and educate themselves in general. I write to make the reader feel like a child again, when they would read full novels within a days time and completed the summer reading lists. I've always been an avid reader and writer,whether it was scoring above average in reading/writing standardized tests, editing papers/scholarships for peers, or in my freelance writing business. During my freshman year at Winston-Salem State University, I created a writing business where fellow peers and students could utilize my services for assistance in writing for all subjects. I've done extensive research in Art, English, History, Creative Writing, Psychology, and various other subjects. My goal is to assist the writer in creating a piece that is fluent, grammatically correct, original, and attention grabbing. I've never had a client who did not receive stellar grades on their assignments and have paid my way through college with my craft. Writing is more than a hobby or interest of mine. It is a passion and profession that I strive to be successful in, and have created my own path by establishing a business that can put my foot in the door. However, I strive to do more and reach a larger audience, and my passion is to work for a company who will not only allow creative authority, but also skills and resources to grow and become a better writer. I would be more than happy and appreciative of the opportunity to write for any and everyone who will read my work. I hope to inspire and collaborate with other Writers. It will surely benefit us all. I am also open to creating custom pieces, as I would love to not only post my content but also create content specifically for you for any occasion or topic. Thank you so much. -b