I am a writer. I have written as far back as I can remember. In grade school I wrote a play which was performed on stage.

My passion is Poetry.

It is the turmoil of emotion one releases to comfort his soul.

Putting words together from the scramble in my brain comforts my soul giving me insight.

My work can be read on Hubpages, Allpoetry and my writing page on Facebook @Secret Emotions.

My poetry is published in numerous publications. Here are a few:

Dimple Times

The Skylight Kicker

Red Door's magazine - Poetic Phonotheque

Lonestars Magazine

I am currently working with a translator who will be publishing my poetry in other countries.

I published a Short Story, "Nightmare Revenge" in Office Number One - A short-short horror story. My one attempt towards a "Stephen King" type of work.

I am a freelance contributor to Nobleworks Cards.

I am currently under contract with Blue Mountain Arts Greeting Cards awaiting numerous market reviews.

I am trying to accomplish the moments and desires I want to fulfill in this lifetime.

I feel words have a way of connecting people together. It helps us to understand the feelings we share.

My belief statement:

"Make the most of what Life brings you.”


“Newbie of the Year" 2019 Hubbie Award