greg cain

Writing is career number three for me after 30+ years in the Air Force and five years in higher education administration. I am not just a writer but also a learner, learning about everything, every single day, while living my best possible life with my wife and family in Moscow, Idaho, USA.

I like to be at home with family, to ride bicycles, to go fishing. My wife and I have an RV, and though we don’t get out in it as much as we want to, it’s a love we both share, along with taking care of our family, our home, our pets. We dabble together in the garden, and work very hard in our yard. I read some, love to eat so learned to cook, and consider myself to be a student of leadership. I have deep interest in history and science fiction, as well. I may someday write about any or all of these topics, and I will likely stray afield and write on other things, too.

Over the past few years, I have looked for and seen what I call the “extra in the ordinary,” and taken lots of pictures trying to capture that extra. I have never had as much time as I would have liked to put my thoughts adjacent to those captured moments, but with retirement from the work force came a good-sized sum of unbooked time on my calendar. I intend to spend at least some of it here.

I hope very much to both give and receive while I am here. There's nothing greater than the former, but there's also nothing wrong with the latter. Both have their place, and particularly so in a community of writers.