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Carter Crandall


   It's an interesting life... if you take time to see it.  When I was a much younger man I was bitten by the 'Wanderlust" and soon found that I had visited five continents, dozens of countries and countless cities and towns.  And in these travels I have heard, witnessed and told more stories than one may care to remember, but I treasure each and everyone.

    Now that I have settled down for a while Northern California, I entertain telling tales to my friends' enjoyment (and dismay at times).  While it is good to tell a good tale, it is also nice to hear someone else report on what they have seen and heard. 

    It is here that often my new friend and most times silent companion wanders into the back yard and visits. He tells his stories, news and other educational notes in his own way.  Amassed here are the latest dispatches that he has shared with me.  This can be difficult at times as he is a 'bar cat'.  His friend and keeper, Christina, owns a pub down the lane and it is there where he spends many evenings, just listening.  But what's really odd is the fact that his last name is the same as mine.  So for our namesake I promised to write his tales down for him, but only if I could share them with you.  He agreed. So enjoy these 'cat-tales' with a cocktail after a day of seeing the world.

-Carter Crandall