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Welcome To My Hubpages Profile. Since you have found me, please stop and take a look at some of my Hubs. If you find them interesting, please follow me.    I will try to follow back each Hubber who follows me, especially if they have written interesting and useful Hubs.

I enjoy writing about things that I have had personal experience with, along with  new things that I learn about. I am an active senior who enjoys writing as well as caring for my two adopted shelter dogs. I've lived in Canada, Panama and the United States and have had many interesting experiences in my life.  I  enjoy gardening, doing home projects and enjoying life to the fullest. In addition to Hubpages also write a few articles on  I enjoy reading other Hubs here on Hubpages and hope that you enjoy reading mine. Feel free to follow me on Twitter

I loook forward to making new friends here on Hubpages. Feel free to comment on my Hubs, since I really appreciate the feedback.  Thanks again for visiting!