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Billie Kelpin

Thanks for stopping by! To view most of my projects, is the best place to go :)

My husband and I and our new little dog named Henry live in an RV parked in an RV park in southern California. We're actually environmentalists, so when we travel, we do it in our little Prius. All of our worldly possessions are in our RV and a little 8 x 10 storage locker, so we're pretty unencumbered. (More time to write!) We're here in California to be near our children, and this is the most economical way we could think of doing it!

I belong to OC Writers, a group that has been of wonderful inspiration. Essay and short story writing is my favorite genre, I find it quite a challenge to write the content-rich articles required on HubPages, but I like having a place to publish on the web other than my website.

I'm much less of a reader than a writer, although I hear you must be both to be the latter. However, I tend to take in most of my information by listening to my heroes, journalists Amy Goodman and Ian Masters, on Pacifica Radio KPFK. Of course, I've always admired Bill Moyers and am fascinated by Noam Chomsky's writings.

Social justice is an issue that drives my intellectual passion. I wish I could be more active and involved in trying to affect change in my own small world. Time and selfishness hold me back.

At 76 years old, without any grandchildren, I'm finding that my work is my grandchild substitute. So I find myself telling people, probably ad nausea about the projects and products I've created. (It's what I've got, dear hub friends, so here they are. Try to imagine that they're all wearing cute little outfits - maybe Cinderella dresses and Spiderman pj's.)

- Card Games
American Authors (not the United Game Systems more beautiful version)
Presidential Solitaire (the order of the Presidents is the order of the game - Roosevelt to Obama in card decks - Kennedy to Obama in the online version

- Software content for the basic learning matching games my husband creates, which are specifically geared to deaf and hard of hearing students:
Language Shape-Up, Veggie Friends, Vocabulary Game Show, Black Cats and Witches' Hats, Johnny Rock's Christmas

- Ebooks
Lucky, the Left-Pawed Puppy, Polly and the Measuring Stick

- Apps
The Perfect Husband App
Stories to Go

-First Novel
Falling Idols (go to for up-to-the-minute news about release and offers)

Used to Be:

I'm a former teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing, former sign language interpreter, and former writing tutor for TRIO Student Support Services Program.

Always Was and Still Am:

In my personal life, I'm a bit of a flake and proud of it. (I think I drive my husband, my family, and my friends a bit insane.) I'm left-handed and, like many other left-handers, feel happy that being left-handed has taught me, metaphorically and literally, that the world doesn't work the same for everyone.

The most significant struggle in my life is coping with having been left by my first husband of 20 years, 30 years ago. Understanding what happened is like the Level 10 Soduku Puzzle of life that I've given up trying to figure out or attempting to get over. (I've tried, and I simply can't. It was too important.)

The very best I can do is focus on the gifts of the present and my most wonderful daughter actor/singer, comedienne, Bethany Therese, whose courage, talent, and beauty in life and on stage brings me intense joy. Having a glass of wine with Bethany in her Burbank backyard with her fiance Brian and my dear husband Mike and Mike's boys is the happiest of times for me.

I adore our dog, Henry. He was two when we adopted him right before CoVid struck in full force in March 2020. He brings so much fun into our lives.

I appreciate and love with all my heart the man who rescued me, my ever-supportive, pool-shark, software engineer husband, Mike Olmon. He is devoted beyond measure and has brought energy, fun, and love back into my life.

Favorite Quotes:

I'll leave you with my two favorite quotes - the second one serious, the first not:

"Maybe the sole purpose of my existence is to serve as a warning to others."

"He who has a 'why' to his existence can bear with almost any 'how'" Nietzsche.

The End (Oh, golly, I hope it's not because I simply LOVE being on the face of this planet with all of you.)