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Austin Koeckeritz

Austin Koeckeritz was born on a cold winter day in Stillwater, Minnesota. He learned to fly an airplane with the Civil Air Patrol before learning how to drive a car. Austin is currently a business owner, an artist, and a student of psychology. When not working, Austin enjoys practicing different photography techniques, listening to music, and planning for the next adventure with his family. Whether he is exploring new places or helping scientists find a new cure on World Community Grid, Austin Koeckeritz is always up for a challenge, especially when it means helping others.

Failure is a temporary setback, not a defeat. Failure is a commodity that can be evaded only by completing nothing, speaking nothing, and being nothing. All things are but a temporary state of being. Everything passes. Happiness. Suffering. Everything, the good and the bad altogether, is temporary. Nothing lasts indefinitely, not even this. Being transient does not make something matter any less. The point is not how long it lasted; the point is what had happened while it did.