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Ashly Christen

I am Ashly Christen. I am a wife, mother, preschool assistant teacher, part time Everything....and constant full-time mom of three very handsome boys. I love to cook, create with my hands, and write. I have no label to put on my writing. I like it all. Fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, history, etc, etc, etc.

I have been scribbling down words that fill my mind onto paper since I can remember. It was always a source of release and refuge. I could hide away in a world of my own creation, I could curl up in bed with my pen, a light, and blank pages waiting to be filled with the blood of my soul written in ink, in blood, there was no difference to me. Writing is love.

My writings are always changing form, content, and levels of creativity. Some are spontaneous, some are planned, some tap on the windows of my soul until I relase them in written form. Join me on this journey of words and let the unknown unfold.