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Arthur Linen

I've been fairly good at writing and have done various projects and written a lot of articles for various local papers as well as in terms of freelancing, I've contributed a lot in content writing and fictional/ tech writing.
In my school days, I'd contributed a lot to my school magazine and during my reign as the head boy, I encouraged many to do the same.
Being good at communicating also helped me to grow up more as a writer as ideas flourished through me back then
secured 2nd position in the inter-school debate competition, in which I made the southern command win the competition...
I wrote a small novella for the Yuva scheme by the ministry of education, nurturing young authors, and did a pretty decent job in that...
Even got selected as a delegate for the AWMUN and got to experience a lot over there, even the researching stuff I did was pretty cool and fun.