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Elaine Palentier

Hello, I go by Elaine as my handle. I am a mother of three and happily married. I am from Volusia County Florida and graduated high school at 17. I then went on to college and earned a 2yr degree in Network Administration. I've worked in the telecommunications industry for a decade with some of the most well known cable companies in the USA. These days I do a lot of Ubering which has helped me learn more of North Carolina.

I have many interests. I like Martial Arts, Roleplaying, Art, Gardening, Photography and Aquascaping. I'd like to think I'm very creative and touch on many kinds of mediums. I'm a gamer and play RPGS, Strategy and FPS. Some games I play with my husband like Overwatch and Starcraft. We also do Monster Hunter and Rock Band.

I love music from all different genres. Rock, Alternative, Oldies and New Age are what I gravitate to most. Anything from Elvis Presley to Pretty Reckless. I play a few instruments to varying degrees. Piano and guitar mostly.

Some of my favorite writers are Marion Zimmer Bradley, Ann McCaffrey, Elizabeth Kerner, E.E Knight, Margaret Weis and Tracey Hickman.