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Well, I've been around about as long as dirt. I've been married  for almost as long, although my wife does not acknowledge having any knowledge of who I am. I've noticed over the years that her revolving amnesia coincides with her need for funds.

 I have been writing since the advent of hieroglyphics, but haven't managed to remove my writings from the walls, so I am thrilled to discover hub pages. Obviously, I've now exhausted the space the walls provided in my dreary cave. I am partly retired, but mostly tired. I have four grown children who own my heart and soul and believe I played with dinosaurs as a child. I have a boxer who shares what ever is left with the woman who gives meaning to my life. I love fly fishing, but, unless catching cold is regarded as sucess, then I merely represent all that is good in failure. Golf is fun, but, snow swallows up the balls half the year, so I am inclined to nap. I feel I am a natural at nap. It diminishes the loss of the valuable energy needed to meet the demands of marriage. In between these love and hate pursuits, there is much I've done and much I've yet to do. Such tedious contemplation stirs the nap within me.

Life has taught me that we are far too serious about things that will never matter, not serious enough about the things that will and that a good nap will usually, reveal the difference. Love of God, love of family, love of self, a good dog, a good beer with a good friend on the tail gate of a good truck and in the end; a life well spent.

Favorite hub page authors: They do pay dearly to be listed here (they read my stuff.)

marina lester