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Toni Newton

I am a retired Broadcaster, currently working out of my home studio in Barbados. I am a creative. I am a poet , song-writer, and deejay. I produce music and other recorded materials for various types of projects, such as e-books, jingles, and songs at our studio, Mo' Lava. My studio work is multi faceted and I perform many roles including writer, producer, graphic designer for releases and promotions, event producer/promoter, deejay, percussionist and more.

I’ve worked in radio for 13 years at the national broadcasting company on the island. During that time I won the Barbados Music Award for Radio Personality of the Year in 2006 & 2007, and was honoured to receive the BMAs Award for Media Excellence in 2016.

As a deejay and Radio “personality”, I’ve hosted a few events, and done voice overs for the station’s imaging campaigns, for television, private promoters and ad agencies mostly locally.

My experience as a host and deejay ranges from Corporate to Private and Club to Stage Show, while my playlist which spans several genres is put together based on the event. I really believe in keeping the audience inspired and happy, so I’m very focused on their needs, and will discuss the set list beforehand to include any special requests by the client.

Retirement for me, and then COVID pandemic has caused us all to slow down, take a break, and reflect. Out of this, I have just completed the artwork on a soon-to-be-released Audio E-Book "Bus Man & Other Poems" by Barbadian Poet "iFarrell", and I am finally working on my first poetic compilation titled The Truth.