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Ann Carr

Welcome! Thank you for visiting. HubPages has such a variety of people and skills; a writing community helping and supporting each other. This is a superb way to hone your writing skills and get feedback, though easy feedback is no longer guaranteed.

I'm a retired teacher (Cert.Ed in 1972) primarily teaching literacy and EFL (English as a Foreign Language qualification from International House, London) and for my last 14 years of teaching I was part of the specialist staff in an independent school for dyslexics in Somerset (Diploma in Specific Language Difficulties), from 1997.

There I met many inspiring students, children who arrived with no self-esteem, frightened and often bullied and left as confident people with good GCSE grades, able to contribute to society, to cope with their difficulties and succeed despite them.

My EFL experience has ranged from teaching multi-nationals at a school in London in the 70s to helping overseas dyslexic students over 15 years until retirement.

I love the fact that each student always poses a different challenge. Every person is unique, has much to learn but also much to offer in return.

For those who don't respond well to phonics I have devised a morphological reading system; it is still in the stages of being patented, trialled and updated before final publication. I have a trademark. I hope to get the whole package finalised soon.

Need any advice about helping a child with reading/spelling? Check out my hubs below or contact me and I'll do my best to help.

My writing career is varied; one published book, 'Take a Word..' (2021), several published articles in county magazines, the usual miriad of fiction, non-fiction and poetry started years ago but left on my laptop for editing or chucking out - so I can now use some for hubpages!

My 21 year-old granddaughter and I share a passion for photography, something I inherited from my father.

Family is a huge part of my life with two daughters and 6 grandchildren to delight in, as well as a supportive and loving partner.

We have renovated a bungalow; time-consuming but rewarding and having re-kindled my interest in gardening, I've found a new therapeutic pastime.

Travelling is fascinating. I've been lucky enough to visit Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Dubai, Mauritius and Norway and we spend as much time as possible in France. I am a fluent French speaker.

I've taken up several challanges from other hubbers; if you've done the same and I haven't linked yours, then please let me know. I've also set a few challenges of my own.

I love driving, riding a motorbike (in good weather!), reading, gardening, painting, drawing and, of course, writing! I have a passion for tennis but can no longer play vigorously, due to physical restrictions.

What about life in retirement? Seeing the family, lots of writing, travelling (when we can), socialising; I can do what I want when I want and I love it!

I look forward to meeting you within these pages and hopefully reading some of your work too.

All my hubs and photos are copyright Dec 2011-present and all rights reserved; not to be reproduced without permission and attribution.

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