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Andrea Picarelli

Andrea resides in Orlando, Florida and is a talented and published writer. While she has studied Psychology her main education has been life’s many challenges and overcoming adversity. She is a survivor of domestic violence and divorced four times.
Andrea was bulled in school due to being different from the other children. She was an Italian born in New Jersey and attending a redneck school in the deep South. While Andrea did not choose to be born Italian or a Yankee she suffered and paid dearly for being different by enduring verbal abuse from the bullies and ignorant rednecks in school.
Home life growing up was not much better for her. While Andrea was blessed with a very loving, nurturing, and giving Mother her Father was a very angry, bitter, and abusive man. There were times growing up when Andrea was tempted to take the easy way out of this cold and very cruel world.
As a result of never receiving unconditional love and acceptance from her Father, Andrea looked for that in all the wrong places. In spite of being divorced four times but has not given up on love and hopes to meet her perfect soulmate someday. She has been in the battered women’s shelter more times than she cares to remember and has vowed to never put herself in that position ever again.
In 2001 Andrea was declared disabled and told she would never work again due to the complications of an accident that occurred in 1999. Andrea endured 15 long years of suffering from physical, mental and emotional pain as a result of the accident. In spite of all of the many doctors and specialists negative and discouraging opinions Andrea never gave up on her dream of making a comeback in life and becoming self-sufficient.

In October of 2017 Andrea faced another temporary setback. Andrea required neck surgery in hopes of easing the chronic pain and relieving migraine headaches. Surgery proved to be successful for Andrea. Six months after surgery she is healthy and writing again! Being the inspiration and relentless optimist Andrea is she is turning lemons into lemonade by writing a book about her recovery and experiences with neck surgery in order to help others who are facing similar fears and struggles.

In spite of all of the many hardships and tough breaks in life Andrea is full of optimism. She has many hopes, goals, and dreams. Nothing can keep Andrea down!
Andrea is currently working on a series of self-help, healing, and inspirational books.