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Ruby Jean Richert

Hello everyone,

My name is Ruby and I live in southern IL.

I'm a retired R.N.

My favorite genre has always been poetry, but I've discovered that I love to write flash fiction and short stories.

I'm into fitness, Tony Little's AB Lounge, treadmill, bike, exercise, etc.

I love music, all genres, including, George Jones, Tina Turner, Michael Jackson, Elvis, Elton John, and the list goes on.

I believe a higher power rules the universe. ( God ) I believe in equality for all people.

I was just notified from Hub Pages that I have written on this site for seven years.

It seems impossible, time has passed so quickly. I have learned so much since joining this site. It is a wonderful place to hone your skill and become a better writer. So if you have that desire ( As I did ) join and spread your wing's. You might have a masterpiece waiting to be discovered. Good luck.