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Alan R Lancaster

I have an abiding interest in history, North-western European history, in particular Britain, Scandinavia - Denmark, Iceland and Norway - as well as Normandy in the 10th-11th Centuries. At one time I was more interested in modern, 20th Century history but was drawn gradually back in time... Richard III, MacBeth, the Vikings... all maligned by Shakespeare. MacBeth led me to Malcolm Canmore, to Siward 'the Dane', Eadward the Confessor, on to both Harolds, Knut/Cnut 'the Great' and back two centuries to Ragnar 'Lothbrok' who died in KIng Aella's snakepit at Bamburgh.

If you're not a history buff you might be a railway modeller, "Rites of Passage for a Model Railway" (check out my gallery and profile: alancaster149, on RMweb) takes you through the stages of creating, with some history of Britain's railways thrown in; or how about travel in the varied landscape of the North of England, "Travel North" takes you from the almost level East Yorkshire coastline of Holderness to the mountainous Lake District and hilly Kielder Water near the border with Scotland amongst many others.

You've got over a page a day for each day of the year, 395. Savour, and enjoy the read(s),

TTFN, Alan R L