Experiencing hardship can change your life in two ways; you either drown or come out 10 times stronger. As the energetic Mr. Les Brown said in one of his motivational speeches: desperation is the source inspiration! Being a widowed single mom of a (beautiful) son with NVLD (aka NLD) requires strength, perseverance and lots of creativity. And after many years in Online Marketing providing in all the required finances, it is time to spread my wings and do what I really want to do: write & become a motivational speaker/group coach. Helping people to move forward, whether it's in their relationships, career, family.

As a result of my decision, my book is in the making and the process of changing profession has started as well (thank you Odelia Alexandrowitz for your great guidance thus far!) but it requires practice and (needless to say) a source of income. What better than to write short pieces on HubPages? Everybody has a story to tell, but many don't or decide not take the chance to leave their comfort zone.