I am a writer trapped in the body of a reading teacher. My life's ambition is to become a published author, but I went to school to teach K-8. I teach, but I haven't given up on my dream. One day I hope to stand in front of my class and read aloud a book that I wrote.

I concentrate mostly on fiction writing. You can find the first chapter of my realistic fiction novel here: In My Head. I am currently most interested in fantasy and have started a new series about the process of creating a fantasy world and then writing stories within that world. I write the occasional hub about my job and life experiences as well. I love to have fun and play, and I'm a gamer at heart. I think games are a wonderful media for storytelling.

Thank you for stopping by my hub space. I hope you find something interesting to entertain you while you're here. I love the idea of cultivating good karma by posting comments to hubs I read. When you comment on my hubs, know that you are cultivating a friendship that will build good karma. Thank you to YogaKat for enlightening me on this idea in this hub: