Abigayle Rourk

I am a 41 year old single mom the last ten years and recently married. I live my life for my kids (ages 22, 19, 17, 13.) Kids are My priority in every way. I also am devoted to Autism as my son has Autism.

My son with Autism just graduated from high school!

I Have extensive higher education, attended many university’s, as I relocated every couple of years. After 20 continuous years of college, and following Psychology from theory based to scientific, I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Organizational Behavioral Psychology.

I have a passion in Autism, Cyperpsychology, Adolescent crime and brain development, Juvenile Corrections, Mental Health and many other issues.

I was once mid-diagnosed Bipolar and experienced the bad side of mental health, later diagnosed with: ADHD, OCD, and I had stress induced depression. When I was told I had a personality disorder in 2007 and they wouldn’t diagnose me on paper because of the stigma; I spent the next 12 years not accepting medications couldn’t fix me.

A few months I was finally also diagnosed with a form of DisassociatIve identity Disorder.

I have been diagnosed with PTSD a few times and have other things that I am working through due to life experiences that affected me.

Recently, I finally got incredible mental health care and am finally on the right track of treatment and intervention. I am a Borderline Personality, chronic PTSD, ADHD. I am somewhere in the middle abyss of DID and BPD. Otherwise known as possibly having an unspecified disassociative disorder.

I have a passion in learning, understanding, and helping in regards to psychological issues. I am open and honest and will give you my own experiences if you need someone to talk to feel free to ask me anything and I will discuss anything. I want to help someone feel less alone, I felt alone through it all and I wouldn't want another to feel they are.

I left hubpages un-published everything I had written. I was ashamed of people being able to access my ideas, my emotions, my opinions. I recently was told how much what I have written they admired, convinced me to not only re-publish the old stuff I wrote, but to write again.