Aaron L Huddart

I started a media website EdisonGarage.com after taking a community college class with my daughter. Then fell in love with the medium of podcasting and hand built a studio in my shop, after self-teaching myself, construction and the basic electrical needed. Within the first year, I picked up blogging again, and added that to Edison Garage. My wife and I live in the small town of Silverton, Oregon. We have two adult daughters and two pre-school age daughters still at home, and a son who passed 42 days after birth.

I write on my own website, our church's website, Medium, and working on writing agreements with other digital and print publications. I do not claim to be an expert, but as a writer, I research and learn about the topics I write about. I have a desire to be a part of the solution of becoming better people, because with more people who are working to be better, the world around us can be better. Thank you.