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Mark C

Hey there, my name is Mark and choose to live an interesting life. I receive disability because I have TBI or traumatic brain injury. What I get for disability, there is no way to live off that so I am looking into the whole "internet business idea" with high hopes. I have been homeless before but have experienced almost all the "levels" of life so far. Once was speaking with a 60+ aged man and he told me that it seems as if I have lived and have knowledge of someone who older than he. But I was 28 at the time, I said thank you of course. Unfortunately, he passed away that night. But I carry on trying to make something out of nothing. So I will share with you what I know, I also have a blog. It is with Wix @ *update 2/27/2021

Update 3/24: My besttrends, I shut down and is still up and going! More to come!!